Based on past experiences, clients prefer to build their own packages. These might vary within a specific group as their requirements might differ materially. Thus, we try not to restrict clients to limited packages that might not meet their specific needs.

We adopt the following approach, which has been very well received by clients:

  • Each member of the wedding party (or similar) is allowed a 10% discount, provided the treatments (on that specific person) on the day total to more than R300.
  • Should the wedding party member’s treatments total to more than R500, he / she will qualify for a 20% discount on total value of treatments.
  • Illustration 1: Lady, part of wedding group, has treatments totaling R330. Discount received = R33.
  • Illustration 2: Lady, part of wedding group, has treatments totaling R650. Discount received = R130.

Should you and your wedding party have very specific needs, and would like a specific custom package; we will gladly provide.